Tips Inside Secret Kindle Publishing Facebook Group

Tip 1: This PLACE contains a trove of ideas and titles for your next book
Tip 2: Turn Your Mess into a Message
Tip 3: My Books are My teachers
Tip 4: Solve these 3 Pains, that starts with ‘D’
Tip 5: Where to Download Free Ebooks
Tip 6: THIS Book Genre command the highest price
Tip 7: Here’s a Creative Way to Ask for a Book Review
Tip 8: How to Deal with a Saturated Market
Tip 9: The Secrets of an Unknown Author Whose Book is a Bestseller Year after Year
Tip 10: Here’s proof that you don’t have to be a success to be an author
Tip 11: How to Discover Bestselling Kindle Niches and Topics In Seconds
Tip 12: How to Find Profitable Topics
Tip 13: Real Case studies of Millionaire authors
Tip 14‬: These People are Making Money Selling Kindle books. Here is the proof
Tip 15: He earned $18,00 selling this Public Domain Book.
Tip 16: How to Uncover Hidden Niches
Tip 17: Write to be Understood
Tip 18: The cost to produce a Kindle book
Tip 19: How many words should I write?
Tip 20: How Do You Know if Your Book is Copied?
Tip 21‬: How NOT to Hire a Ghostwriter. These Mistakes Cost me Hundreds of Dollars
Tip 22: Make Passive Income Selling Ebooks
Tip 23: Should You Use a Pen Name?
Tip 24‬: He will analyse your Amazon Kindle e-book topics and tell you if it is profitable or not
Tip 25‬: How Not to Sell Your Book
Tip 26: Why do you write?
Tip 27: One Book – 9 Income Sources
Tip 28‬: How to Make a Free Amazon eBook Cover
Tip 29: Ebook Cover Before and after
Tip 30: How Not to Write a Review
Tip 31: How to Install Kindle Apps for Ipad (for Singapore Residents)
Tip 32: How to write a Novel
Tip 33: Editing Service
Tip 34: Done for You Kindle Books
Tip 35: The book is written. What’s next?
Tip 36: Why Reviews are Deleted
Tip 37: Check for Duplicates
Tip 38: Amazon free ebook creation tools
Tip 39: How to detect fake reviews
Tip 40: SEO for Amazon: How to rank your books on Amazon Kindle Store
Tip 41: How to write awesome descriptions that will sell more books
Tip 42: Where to Find Content for your research
Tip 43: Where to outsource editing
Tip 44: Where to outsource submission to sites for free promo downloads
Tip 45: This proofreader is good
Tip 46: How I got my book to #65 on Amazon in 5 days
Tip 47‬: Multiple Streams of income from one content
Tip 48‬: Where to download free Kindle Ebooks every day
Tip 49: This is a profitable series
‪T‎ip 50‬: Favourite site for photos
Tip 51: Partner with them to market your books
Tip 52: Bad experience with ghostwriter
Tip 53: Where to submit your ebooks for free promotion
‪Tip 54: Try this Ghostwriter
Tip 55: Can you mention brand names in your books?
Tip 56: How to Design Kindle Book Covers DIY
Tip 57: Here’s the template for a disclaimer
Tip 58: The Sales Funnel
Tip 59: The  4 Ms to Success
Tip 60: The Untold Story
Tip 61: Interview with a $14K a month author
Tip 62: This software automates submission to free sites
Tip 63: Why a Well-written Review matters
Tip 64: My Book Got Me A Paid Speaking Gig!
Tip 65: How to run a free Kindle Select Promotion
Tip 66: This software could stop Amazon sending you love letters
Tip 67‬: How to monitor your book
Tip 68‬: How to Structure Your Book Quickly
‎Tip 69‬: If you care about your children’s future, you should not keep quiet.
Tip 70‬: Review service by a good writer
Tip 71‬: Case Study: Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Book
Tip 72‬: Where to outsource the book creation
‎Tip 73‬: How to Publish a Paperback book
Tip 74: This Author Page is cool.
Tip 75: How to Get into the mood for writing
Tip 76: The Importance of Publishing a Paperback Book
Tip 77: If you want to make lots of money on Kindle Publishing, you have to think like a…
Tip 78: The benefit of being an author – Immortality
Tip 79: The Cost of Publishing on Createspace
Tip 80: Rewriting
Tip 81: Where to Get Ideas to Write a Series of Books
Tip 82: Why keyword matters
Tip 83: How to promote free promo
Tip 84: Marketing is everything
Tip 85: Why I wrote this book
Tip 86: Finding Hot Topics on Youtube
Tip 87: Who do you ask for feedback on your book cover design?
Tip 88: Promote your books via Comment
Tip 89: The Secrets behind the 5-figure Income from Kindle Publishing?
Tip 90: How to promote Your book using hastag.
Tip 91: She sold more than a million copies and you won’t believe what kind of book it is.
Tip 92: Opportunities beyond Amazon with Trends
Tip 93: How to Find Freelance writers
Tip 94: How to Complete your Book in 100 Days
Tip 95: Turn your trip experience into a book
Tip 96: Awesome Createspace Cover Designer Found!
Tip 97: Here is an extra Income Stream
Tip 98: Get First Hand Experience
Tip 99: Hot Topics
Tip 100: How to Apply the Lean Canvas Model to your book
Tip 101: The Secret to Double Your Income
Tip 102: Spotted this ebook writing service. 6K words for USD$50
Tip 103: This is a hot niche. The company earns $200 million selling this
Tip 104: What Makes People Buy Your Book?
Tip 105: Where to Find Ghostwriters
Tip 106: He makes $1K a month selling his paperback books on Amazon. Here’s the secret to his passive income
Tip 107: How to Make Children’s Book for Kindle
Tip 108: Beware of these thieves!
Tip 109: Collate
Tip 110: The Secrets of a $5K a month publisher
Tip 111: Pain = Profits
Tip 112: This might be more profitable…
Tip 113: Two is better than one.
Tip 114: Where to Find Free information for Your Books
Tip 115: Where to buy done-for-you ebooks
Tip 116: Beware of this ghostwriter
Tip 117: This niche is selling like hot cake
Tip 118: You need this tool.
Tip 119: The New Strategy
Tip 120: What’s the gap? The Goldmine is there.
Tip 121: How to Promote Affiliate Products
Tip 122: You can publish this kind of book, right?
Tip 123: A simple method to create awesome content without writing it

… and more.

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