Lessons – Kindle Publishing Home Study Course

The lessons in this home study program are:

Lesson 1: Choosing the right business model
Lesson 2: The Benefits of Kindle Publishing
Lesson 3: Disadvantages of Kindle Publishing
Lesson 4: The 20-Step Process Checklist
Lesson 5: Your Income and Sales Calculator
Lesson 6: Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Lesson 7: Choose Your Publishing Model
Lesson 8: Your First book
Lesson 9: Kindle Domination Strategy
Lesson 10: Email List Strategy
Lesson 11: Massive Action Plan
Lesson 12: Create Amazon Account
Lesson 13: Create Payoneer Account
Lesson 14: Non-Fiction Book Structures
Lesson 15: Fiction Writing
Lesson 16: Finding a Profitable Niche
Lesson 17: How to Find Hot Topics
Lesson 18: Where to Find Content
Lesson 19: How to Write the Book
Lesson 20: Book Structure
Lesson 21: Hiring Ghostwriters
Lesson 22: Editing
Lesson 23: Creating a Book Title that Sells
Lesson 24: Author Name and Pen Name
Lesson 25: Book Cover Design
Lesson 26: Book Description
Lesson 27: How to Sell More Books Using Keywords
Lesson 28: Pricing
Lesson 29: How to Format Your Book
Lesson 30: Audit Check
Lesson 31: Upload Book
Lesson 32: Create Author’s Page
Lesson 33: Reviews
Lesson 34: Free Promo
Lesson 35: Hiring a VA
Lesson 36: How to Promote Your Book
Lesson 37: How to Get Ranked
Lesson 38: How to be a BestSelling Author
Lesson 39: Why is My Book Not Selling Well?
Lesson 40: The Road to Success

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